FMCG Security launched to countermeasure the threat of terrorism across the UK’s food supply chain

In partnership with The FMCG Academy we work with FMCG food manufacturers to reduce risk to the food supply chain in terms of potential threats, process vulnerabilities and countermeasures. We pay particular attention to employees who, with intent could swiftly destroy the economic status of an organisation.

Our employee security solutions have been designed specifically for FMCGs. They instil confidence in the status, background and likely intentions of existing employees or new recruits in an industry that has been identified by intelligence agencies as being at significant risk of attack.

Our solutions include FMCGs gaining access to capabilities such as facial recognition technology to verify ‘people are who they say they are’.

FMCG Security solutions to protect the UK food supply chain from deliberate food contamination.
FMCG Security Solutions

Why develop a food defence strategy?

The risks associated with a deliberate terrorist attack on your organisation can be insurmountable. Such threats to your operation, process or product may bypass food safety protocols – getting past even the most highly maintained security systems.

Implementing a preventative, risk-based food defence strategy can reduce the likelihood of a deliberate attack (which can also serve to mitigate against insurance premiums because many policies do not cover the eventuality of a terrorist attack) and reassure stakeholders about the safety of your production and supply chain.

Emerging threats to the UK food and drink supply chain

The FMCG sector has been identified by intelligence agencies, because of its widespread delivery capabilities as being at significant risk of deliberate attack. It is estimated that an attack may occur within the next 18 months.

Premeditated contamination at any point in the supply chain could result in catastrophic consequences both socially and economically. It is imperative to understand the types of threat we face, identify critical control points where an attack may occur and subsequently embed countermeasures to instil formidable layers of security that also act as a deterrent.

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