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Institutional Investment Fraud

We read this article relating to institutional investment fraud, written by Elliott Smith at CNBC News (14th October, 2019) with great interest. The article is titled “A landmark German tax fraud case could ripple through the finance industry”. The article serves both as a measure of interest and precaution to investors because the tactics involved can be replicated easily across investment platforms.

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Investment Fraud

UK Investment Fraud Epidemic

A short introduction to the UK investment fraud epidemic.

Investment Fraud is rife on a global scale. It costs the UK economy £193 billion annually – an average of more than £3,900 per adult in the UK with losses taking place at a rate of £6,000 per second.

Unless you are investing in a well established framework that can demonstrate a sound and well documented track-record it of course makes logical sense to clarify your options before you invest – but that’s easier said than done.

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